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📱No special hardware to scan tickets
⛽No gas fees
🦊No wallet needed for you or your users
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I attend a lot of web3 events and ALL OF THEM use terrible web2 solutions. So I decided to build my own in 14 days for the Polygon Hackathon. Click the link below to see how.

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Do I need to be a crypto bro to create an event or use a ticket?

Nope! You can use the platform just with your email. No wallets, no gas fees, no foxes.

Why NFTs as Tickets?

Selling or buying a ticket is super easy with NFTs and you don't need to meet dodgy people (you only get to meet dodgy people online! Hooray!).

Not only you get to remember all the events you went but organizers can airdrop you other cool stuff (or give you access to secret and mysterious werbsites).

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